Our Why.

Every organization needs a why. That one reason to keep getting out of bed in the morning. For us, its reducing risk and developing relationships.

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Our Story

After over thirteen years of working for a large leading agricultural company, owner and chief risk management specialist Nathan Ehrhardt, felt he was being pulled in a new direction. Nathan, having extensive experience and expertise within crop insurance and agriculture, felt there was a better and more targeted way to serve the insurance market.

During Nathan’s tenure his portfolio continually expanded using his unique approach in managing risk with a fresh perspective. This perspective led to the concept now known as Field First / Farm Focused. Field First focuses on the strategic coverages and combination of products used to manage the risk of each field in the operation while balancing the appropriate risk tolerance of the producer. Farm Focused expands the strategic approach to additonal risk management strategies and products while staying true to the industry by serving only the agricultural market and not trying to be everything to everyone. This time tested and preferred technique will now allow what clients have been requesting for many years……”What other agricultural insurance services could this philosophy be applied to in order to better achieve their operational goals”. Due to the nature of Nathan’s previous role he was unable to expand this philosophy to other product lines of risk management and thus Agsurance was founded in January of 2020.

Agsurance prides itself on establishing relationships with the producers we partner with that span generations. We find value and seek to understand the why behind what is important to each farming operation both in the present and looking to the future. We promise not to take a cookie cutter approach that places a farm into a stereotypic bucket or market segment. Rather, we appreciate that each operation is unique and provides for your livelihood. We want to be the business partner that works each day to help to reduce risk so that you can continue to provide for the loved ones you have at home.

At Agsurance, we don’t share in the philosophy bigger is better, rather we believe BETTER IS BETTER.