Private Crop Insurance Products


RAMP® allows producers the opportunity to boost revenues at specific risk levels within their risk management plans. RAMP® supplements the insured’s MPCI coverage and is designed to help provide additional coverage when production and/or revenue losses are just over or under an insured’s MPCI guarantee.


PriceFlex provides opportunities to add one or several additional price discovery periods to your RP or ARP policy. The purpose being to gain a higher price than the standard February crop insurance price.  Revenue or yield losses trigger an indemnity. Contact us for more details.

Great America Plus

Great American Plus allows additional yield and revenue protection by providing optional banded coverage intervals beyond MPCI policy limits.

Simple yield and revenue coverage options up to 95%. Available for purchase on enterprise unit basis. Upward moving price does not decrease yield trigger. No cap on downward price movement.

Price Modifier Plus

PM+ allows the insured to supplement their price election on their underlying MPCI policy with the PM+ Price Election. This is a percent of the established price by crop that they select from the company approved limits. If the MPCI Harvest Price decreases below the MPCI base price election, the MPCI coverage level will automatically increase equivalently to the percentage of the price decrease up to the selected maximum coverage level.